2000 years before Moses, 4000 years before The Gospel: The 42 Principles of Ma’at

Love justice, you people and you that are the judges of the earth

The fourty-two principles of Ma’at

Do not kill, nor bid anyone kill; Do not commit adultery or rape; Do not avenge thyself nor burn with rage; Do not cause terror; Do not assault anyone nor cause anyone pain; Do not cause misery; Do not do any harm to man or to animals; Do not cause the shedding of tears; Do not wrong the people nor bear them any evil intent; Do not steal nor take that which does not belong to you; Do not take more than thy fair share of food; Do not damage the crops, the fields, or the trees; Do not deprive anyone of what is rightfully theirs; Do not bear false witness, nor support false allegations; Do not lie, nor speak falsely to the hurt of another; Do not use fiery words nor stir up any strife; Do not speak or act deceitfully to the hurt of another; Do not speak scornfully against others; Do not eavesdrop; Do not ignore the truth or words of righteousness; Do not judge anyone hastily or harshly; Do not disrespect sacred places; Do cause no wrong to be done to any workers or prisoners; Do not be angry without good reason; Do not hinder the flow of running water; Do not waste the running water; Do not pollute the water or the land; Do not take God’s name in vain; Do not despise nor anger God; Do not steal from God; Do not give excessive offerings nor less than what is due; Do not covet thy neighbor’s goods; Do not steal from nor disrespect the dead; Do remember and observe the appointed holy days; Do not hold back the offerings due God; Do not interfere with sacred rites; Do not slaughter with evil intent any sacred animals; Do not act with guile or insolence; Do not be unduly proud nor act with arrogance and do not magnify your condition beyond what is appropriate; Always do no less than your daily obligations require. Obey the law and commit no treason.

To be continued…



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