Afghans Civilians killed by US Soldiers: a familiar nightmare

People crack, and they kill — Sorry, this is no excuse Mr. Obama!

Who could foresee that anyone with a normal everyday life would suddenly, methodically, without any possible reason, murder sixteen people including nine children in their homes, and then calmly return home? Who could foresee that a regular, everyday staff sergeant with a wife and two kids would methodically go out of his way to murder nine children in their homes, and then calmly return to base? If you can’t, I can.

Remember the systematic massacre of hundreds of Vietnamese villagers in 1968. Remember the killing of 24 unarmed men, women and children at Haditha, Iraq, in 2005. Remember the January video of U.S. troops urinating on Taliban corpses and the mindless burning of discarded Qurans by U.S. soldiers in February. Such episodic and war incidents are a recurring nightmare played out in each of the international conflicts that the United States has taken on in the past fifty years.

If you cannot maintain order and discipline in your own troops, if your soldiers are insane, get out of there. Ignorance is no excuse!

#Afghanistan #USBornKillers


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