Canada is becoming a nation of immigrants

Canada Immigration

Canada has the fastest-growing population of any G8 nation, with two-thirds of the growth coming from immigration. These newcomers are radically transforming our elite educational institutions. This is especially true of immigrants from Philippines, India and China, who collectively make up about a third of all migrants to Canada, and who tend to exhibit high levels of academic performance.

There’s a century-old precedent for all of this. At Harvard University in 1908, Jews represented only about 9% of the student body. By 1925, following on the great waves of immigrants from Europe and Russia, the proportion had gone up to 28%. At Columbia, the number reached 40%. Twenty-eight per cent of Jews at Harvard in the 1920s graduated with distinction, versus just 15% for gentiles. But just a quarter of Jews participated in Harvard athletics, half the rate for gentiles.

Sound familiar?

No doubt it’s true that Canadian children could stand to watch a little less television and do a little more homework.

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