Covid-19: The death of The Traditional Office


The Covid-19 Now Leading to A Permanent Workplace Revolution

By Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m.

The coronavirus will not only kill the traditional office as we know it, it will also permanently revolutionize the traditional workplace.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many continue to work from home because their workplaces will not allow for social distancing. This shift in social behavior imposed by the coronavirus pandemic has majorly impacted organizations and, as a result, some have decided to do without the office completely.

Is this the beginning of a cultural turning point?

Many, like myself, believe it is possible, but we will not know for sure until more companies and businesses make the same move. Whether a company without a central workspace can succeed is the ultimate question.

Some believe that forcing people to work from home more than they would prefer can cause significant problems downstream. Every employee is vastly different in terms of what they need from their employer to be productive and engaged and not every employee excels at working from home.

For those who believe that this is a major impairment to getting rid of the central workplace, I have only one answer: Bunkum! Nobody needs disengaged and non-productive employees. Just fire them!

Immediate challenges

Personally, I would be more concerned about managing productivity and teams virtually. In a workplace without a central office, technology becomes key for monitoring work performance. That technology exists today and for those managers that are not familiar with it, either they learn or they go.

There is also the question about the costs associated to creating home office spaces. A robust home office has a good desk and chair in a quiet space, a great headset, good lighting and a strong internet connection. Who will pay the bill?

If you really have to ask this question, you should resign, you are a very bad CEO or business manager. If you require that the employee works from home, guess what: you cover the costs!

Will it last forever?

Can a company permanently shift to remote-only work? Most so-called experts do not think so. They improperly believe that companies that will try to move forward without a central workspace will struggle with management and control. Again, Bunkum! They are totally wrong. Do not hire them to give you any kind of advice on how to run your business.

The future of all businesses resides online and decentralized management. No more over expensive and useless head offices, no more useless and overpaid managers, no more mind-numbing exhausting internal political struggles and conflicts, no more useless hard copies and paperwork.

On the contrary, many believe that the physical space will never disappear altogether only because some people are very good at working from home while other are actually really struggling. Consequently, they believe that without a corporate or business physical space, it will not be possible to keep employees engaged with the organization and passionate about their work. Again, my answer to them is: Bunkum!

You want to survive, you want to thrive in the future as a business, as a corporation! Start saving on costs now. Start getting rid of the dead wood now! Stop babysitting everyone! Business is business and: The future is knocking at your door today.

Start planning and restructuring NOW!

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m.

Systemic Strategic Planning, Crisis & Reputation Management

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