Hunger threatens millions over the world

Millions over the world are waiting silently to die

“Do you have any work, I haven’t eaten yet today?” They ask, their bellies ache from hunger. “Do you have any food, I haven’t eaten in three days now?” Eventually they don’t ask for anything anymore, they just look up at you, hoping. They just wait to silently die, looking at you hoping and you looking away.

THE WORLD — This knock on our door is a sign of bad things to come.

Nearly half of Niger does not have enough to eat. The 5.4 million people struggling to stay alive are part of a wider crisis affecting at least 10 million people across the swath across Africa and millions of others across the world.

This is the third time in the last decade the people of the Sahel have faced severe food shortages. The problem, caused by drought and high food prices, is exacerbated by an ongoing conflict in Mali between the military and Tuareg rebels that has forced people to flee into neighboring nations. In Niger, people depend on crops and livestock for survival. They are used to living life on the edge.

For millions over the world, every day, life is a gamble.

We know what is coming, and we know what to do to save lives and yet, we are still doing nothing. What we are seeing in Niger today is only the tip of an iceberg.

Donations will not save the world.

Actions will.


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