I will tell you the secrets of the gods

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the mother of all

I WILL proclaim to the world the deeds of Gilgamesh. This was the man to whom all things were known; this was the king who knew the countries of the world. He was wise, he saw mysteries and knew secret things. He brought us a tale of the days before the flood. He went on a long journey, was weary, worn-out with labour, returning he rested; he engraved on a stone the whole story.

Gilgamesh long before anyone else brought us the tale of the Creation, the tale of the Gods, the tale of Babel, the tale of the Deluge, the tale of Solomon. Gilgamesh was wise, he saw mysteries and knew secret things. Long time ago he provided the world with the answers to the greatest mysteries of life: Is there life after death and what is the purpose of man on earth?

And nobody listened.

To be continued…



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