Many of you have barely settled into the rhythms of a pandemic school year. Thinking about the holidays might seem premature. But not if you're a small business with an online presence.

Like it or not, even if, for many of us, it feels like there is no point planning for much of anything in the middle of the actual COVID-19 pandemic chaos, online businesses need to start seasonal preparations now.

"Get online now!"

Let it be known: because of all the pandemic related disruption, a large majority of adults shoppers are already planning to do more than half of their Holidays shopping online and planning to shop at small businesses. That makes it even more important to get your online presence sorted out well ahead of peak Holiday Shopping Season. 

JMD Systemic is offering a "FREE" Online Advisory Service to help you. JMD Systemics is also offering you the following "FREE OF CHARGE" checklist of basic preparations you should make to ensure your business is as visible as possible online. 

  1. If your business is not online, get online now!;

  2. Claim your business profile: Verify your profile; share the information with shoppers [Things like store hours, contact information, current inventory, curbside pickup availability, welcome offers etc. ...;

  3. Compare yourself with the competition: If someone searches for "best pizzas in town" or "deco supplies near me," will your relevant business come up? Make sure to do everything possible to Boost your visibility;

  4. List your products online: Competing with Amazon and Walmart is hard enough for small businesses. Give yourself the best possible chance of beating out these big guys. List your products online. Make your products visible to those shoppers searching online;

For more details on getting ready for the Holiday Season or Going Online, do not hesitate to Email me or or to prevail yourself of our 30 MINUTES “FREE” ONLINE INITIAL DISCOVERY AND FACTS FINDING CONVERSATION service

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m

Systemic Strategic Planning / Crisis & Reputation Management


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