For about a minute, I felt sorry for Trump ... but what if ...?

Why should we feel empathy for one of the most heartless people in the world? How can we even be sure Trump has the disease?

Trump has lied about everything before. Maybe he will reappear in a few days, refreshed and relaxed, saying “Covid is no big deal” and claiming that he won the “battle” with Covid because he’s strong and powerful. Meanwhile, his stunt would have distracted the world from revelations that he’s a tax cheat, and that he is a failed businessman who is still losing money.

Realizing that he his losing the presidential race, that there is virtually no chance for him to be reelected and retain the White House, is it possible that he came up with this machiavellian deception only to be allowed to pretend that it is not Joe Biden that has defeated him but the Coronavirus.?

When Trump would not even commit to a peaceful transition of power if he was to lose the presidency and refuse to be bound by the results; when he is already claiming the election is rigged against him and will be fraudulent unless he wins; when he is urging his followers to intimidate Biden voters at the polls, is it possible that he is only playing us again?

What do you think?

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m

Systemic Strategic Planning / Crisis & Reputation Management


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