World’s Population will stop growing by 2050

Autonomous University of Madrid

April 2013 — Global population data spanning the years from 1900 to 2010 have enabled a research team to predict that the number of people on Earth will stabilize around the middle of the century.

The results, obtained with a model used by the physicists from the Spanish research team coincide with the actual United Nation’s downward forecasts. According to United Nations’ estimates, the world population in 2100 may well be sitting somewhere within a range of 15.8 billion people according to the highest estimates and 6.2 billion according to the lowest estimate, a figure that stands below the current level of 7 billion people.

The mathematical model developed by the Spanish researchers from, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the San Pablo University, seems to confirm this lower estimate. The team of researchers also predicts standstill of the population level and even a slight drop in the number of people by the mid-21st century.


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